Thursday, December 26, 2013

College Graduation

It's crazy the way you start feeling about things once you know they're about to come to an end. My last semester at LSU was so bittersweet. I had amazing, fun times with great people, but I knew my days as an LSU Tiger were numbered.

I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Mass Communication on December 20.

@snaplsu on instagram reposted my picture, so I guess I'm cool now. haha

I was so last minute in getting my graduation dress. It had actually slipped my mind that I needed to find an outfit. I was shopping all day for the perfect dress. Not to mention the weather in Louisiana had been so unpredictable lately. At the last minute, I just snatched up a little black peplum dress that I wasn't happy with at first, but it was actually very cute.

Forever LSU

Thank you so much to my friends and everyone who made my senior year memorable. I'm forever a Tiger and will never forget my time at this amazing university. I know I won't be able to stay away long, and will be back to visit soon. 
But for now, it's time to start that next chapter - as scary as that may be. I'm on this new journey of becoming a working, professional adult. I'm praying everyday for guidance in the right direction, but I know that I will be just fine. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Would You Like a Tour?

Some of my friends from school were going to the Drake concert since we would be on fall break at the time. So at the last minute, I finally got my tickets (of course the only seats left were horrible), put together an outfit and joined Drake for a night.

Top: black tube top folded in half
Skirt: my mother's maxi & DIY split by me
Sandals: Burlington
Collar necklace: ebay
Lipstick: Cyber by MAC

Drake came through with Miguel, Future and Jhene Aiko for the New Orleans stop of his tour. Miguel opened the show with a few of his songs and electric dance moves reminiscent of a James Brown/Prince hybrid. Much to my surprise, Drake followed immediately after him leaving speculation to whether Future was there.

After performing a few songs, Drake left the stage, and Future performed some of his songs. When Drake returned after a wardrobe change, he gave us more of his upbeat songs. Drake showed so much love for New Orleans, crediting my city as the reason he has a career and shouting out Young Money/Cash Money. He even had a bounce remix of "Hold On We're Going Home." Birdman hit the stage and performed "Stay Fly," which had to be my favorite part of the night. Growing up in New Orleans, the Hot Boys and Big Tymers have always been a big deal for us.

Another one of my favorite parts was the DJ section where he played some of Drake's older songs from his mixtape days. It's always the best when you have a crowd filled with people who know more than just what's mainstream.

As I mentioned, my seats were way up high, but I stood in the front for the entire show and had an amazing view. I always manage to get to the front for concerts somehow. :) Apparently where I stood was right next to the backstage area because I saw Miguel, Drake's father and some of the OVO crew casually walking pass.

Jhene Aiko, who is absolutely beautiful came out to assist Drake in the breakdown of "Come Thru" before they performed their duet "From Time."

At one point, Drake gets onto a riser that allows him to walk over the audience and talk to everyone. He shouted out people from every section, even all the way at the top. After he came back down, as a special gift for New Orleans, he showed us the "Worst Behaviour" video. He pulled up a sofa on stage for him and his crew to watch with us as well. The video features Drake's father rapping along with the lyrics in the beginning before Drake takes over. Take a look at some of the parts I recorded.

By the way, if there are any hardcore Drake fans, I have more of the video recorded if you'd like to see.

Monday, October 28, 2013

What Goes With This?

I joined BrandBacker and started applying to be a part of some campaigns. I was very excited to be accepted to my first campaign for What Goes With This?, a site that is said to be "the digital version of going shopping with your best friend."

Have you ever bought a really cute top, and then had no idea what to wear it with, or found a pair of shoes on sale that you couldn't pass up but didn't know how you would style them? WGWT is the solution to those problems. It allows you to post items and have other members help you create a look. You can also browse through looks that others have posted to receive some fashion inspiration.

The site is very simple to join. You can sign in via Facebook, or create an account using your email. Upon registering, You will be brought through a brief tutorial of how to navigate the site.

You can post any fashion/style related question, and just sit back and wait for someone to share their ideas with you. You can be as specific or as broad as you'd like. 

When you submit a request, you can let other users know exactly what you're looking for and also include a budget to make sure that their recommendations are within your spending limit.
You can post your own requests, or leave suggestions for other users of what you think would look good with what they ask for. The best part about it is that you can shop right from the recommendations page if you like what you see. You can also vote up a recommendation if you think it was a good suggestion. 

So if you're ever at a loss when it comes to styling an outfit, or can't decide what to wear for the day, just check out What Goes With This? for all the help you might need. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you're like me and don't have a costume yet, then this post might help you out.

Instead of buying a typical costume from a Halloween shop, try making your own. It's a guarantee that no one else will have it. Here are some of my favorite DIY costumes that I've come across.

This is probably my favorite! Can work as a birthday present or any other type of gift bag.

Turn yourself into pop art.

Rosie the Riveter 

I've NEVER seen this one done before - Jellyfish!

LikeWowLala on YouTube has a pretty good DIY Miley costume video. 

Couple/Group Costumes:

Bunch of Grapes - wear solid color top and stick bunches of balloons on.

Let me know in the comments what you'll be dressing up as for Halloween.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Donate Life

As a Public Relations senior at Louisiana State University, our capstone course is Public Relations Campaigns. In this class, we are split in to two groups who become actual companies. These companies come up with a name, logo and choose a nonprofit to become our client. My company, Precision PR chose to partner with the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA) because we love the mission and want to do all we can to help save lives. Our main goal is to get as many people registered as organ donors in the state os Louisiana as we can.

On Friday, myself and two of my group members were invited to "Breakfast with 2une In" on WBRZ news for promo for the organization. This was a great experience for us. Not only did we get some publicity for the cause, but we got to meet some amazing people with such inspiring stories. These people are only alive today because of someone else's decision to become an organ donor. Although the donors are no longer alive, they still live on through these people, and it's just mind-blowing to me that such a thing is possible.

This is Justice. He received a heart transplant and is now able to do all the things that he couldn't do before like run, play sports and do everything else that kids his age can do.

It's one thing to read statistics and see the data of the transplant waiting list and hear stories, but it's completely different to actually meet the people whose lives have been touched. They are living testimonies.

We also met a girl whose younger brother died at the age of 4 and donated his organs. It's such a tragedy that he lost his life at such a young age, but he was able to give life to a recipient that came all the way from Japan.

So many people choose to opt out of organ donation because of the myths and preconceived notions associated with the process. We really want to educate everyone on all the benefits and dispel those myths. One person has the potential to save up to nine lives. Have the conversation and make the decision now.

I'm so honored to be a part of this campaign. Even though this is part of a class assignment, this is truly a work of heart. I feel great to know that Im helping to save lives.

Get educated on the facts here.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Starlets of Street Style

My favorite celebrity styles have to go to Rihanna and Cassie. They've always had styles that are so different from everyone else's and they can switch it up like no other.  They're two of the few people who can pull off just about anything.


She really killed this. 

Oh, and just for the record, I think Cassie is pretty much the most gorgeous girl ever.
I've never attempted denim on denim, but she wears it well. 
very well.
Mint skater skirt, plunging neckline with the bodychain. YES!
all white, alright.
I wantttt this shirt!
From the haircuts, to nail designs and even tattoos, Cassie and Rihanna are always setting the trends that I see people following.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oh, Forever 21..

For my first years of high school, Forever 21 was pretty much the only place I shopped. Then after a while, I started getting tired of their clothes, drifted to other stores and never looked back.
Recently, Forever has been re-capturing my attention more and more. They've got a whole new look, new models, new everything. Where did they get all this swag from??

I'm loving this new dark, hipster, street fashion thing they've got going on. Even the models have a new, edgy vibe.

They're making more pop culture references from icons to rap songs, and even taking inspirations higher end designers. 
Hmm.. Alexander Wang much?

Check out a few of my favorites from their Capsule 2.1 collection. 

I'm pretty much in love with this whole look. 
California Gorgeous Muscle Tee

Checkboard Bodysuit I'd wear this as a swimsuit
How adorable is this Minnie Bodysuit
It's also worth it to take a trip on over to the Shop by Outfit page as well.

Well done, Forever. Well done. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall Fashion Faves!

Fall is hands down my favorite season for fashion. Not too hot, not too cold yet; so you can mix your favorite items from both your summer and winter wardrobes.

Here are a few of my favorite Fall fashion pieces. 

Infinity & Round Scarves

Boots! Riding boots, combat boots, ankle boots. Don't forget some cute boot socks. 
Oversized sweaters

What are some of your favorite items for Fall, and how do you style them?

Friday, September 27, 2013

My Favorite Stores

Everyone who knows me knows I HATE the mall! Online shopping is definitely my thing. You could say I have a bit of an obsession, so naturally, I have I few favorites, and I'd like to share them with you. - great deals on apparel. They usually have a coupon code on the site that you can apply at checkout, so you'll get a discount each time you shop.

GoJane has a great selection of shoes, which is what I first started shopping there for. Then I took me a while to realize they also had clothes I loved. GoJane's campaigns keep up with the latest trends and you can shop by each specific trend, or by look. They have a pretty awesome blog, as well that features giveaways and more. Also, check out their Facebook where they give out a pair of shoes every week.

H&M just recently launched their e-commerce site. I was pretty excited because I wanted this option forever, since we don't have one here in New Orleans. We'll be getting one soon, though. :)

Tobi has 30% new arrivals daily, and 50% off your order for new members. You get another 50% off for inviting 5 friends. Sign up now via my link.

I had stopped shopping at Forever21 for a while, but they made a huge comeback for me. They've got great street style looks, which are some of my favorite.

Last but certainly not least, eBay is one of my absolute favorite places to shop for things like accessories. I usually buy purses, jewelry and shoes from this site. I think I'll do an eBay post later on.