Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Protein powder

Hey guys!

I received a full sized sample of Slimquick Pure Protein powder courtesy of BrandBacker to share my review.

I currently use a protein powder that I mix with smoothies to drink immediately after my workouts. SLIMQUICK is specifically designed for women to aid in weight loss. It's made with BioPure green tea extract, which helps women to lose three times the weight than dieting alone. The best part for me is that is contains 20g of protein, because I know I don't get enough protein in my diet, so this is a great help.

The instructions say to mix it with just water. I was wary of doing this because I thought it would taste gross, but it's actually really good! I have the vanilla flavor, and it tastes sort of like a milkshake. It's very easy to drink.

I've been working out consistently and drinking the protein with water twice a day. It's a bit too soon to see a drastic change in weight loss, but I'll update. I am however starting to notice more lean muscle tone in my abs and back. It's great to refuel with protein after a workout to replenish your muscles. Without it, you won't build.

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