Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016 - DIY

I LOVE Halloween time! I'm such a creative at heart and I live for getting to express my ideas in my costumes. This year I made my entir costume myself and was a MERMAID!

Crown is made of a dollar store tiara. I wrapped it in glitter pipe cleaners so that my sells could stick, then hot glued shells and pearls until I was satisfied with design.

Top is a lacy bra that I added beads in a shell design and embellished with pearls, rhinestones and glitter.

Skirt is a sequin fabric that I wrapped around myself, pinned then sewed and added tulle at bottom for tail effect.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Ghosts of Zulus Past

Everyone knows New Orleans for Mardi Gras. What most don't know is that it's not just one day, but an entire season of fun, parades and balls. My absolute favorite of them all is ZULU BALL. It's best described as an adult prom. You get all dressed up, everyone has assigned tables, there's live celebrity performances, and just an all around good time.

Let's take a look at some of my previous Zulu looks as I try to figure out what look I want to go for Zulu 2017.

This year I went with an old Hollywood vibe. Red dress, Side swept hair and a bold lip. Can't forget my fur collar - I always have to do a little extra.

Business in the front, party in the back!

The year before that - 2015, things were a little more interesting. As the dress I originally ordered did not come in time and I had to get one last minute. I was furious!

 I was rushed out the door, so my curls were still wet and I wasn't satisfied on my makeup, but I got so many compliments on my whole look so I really thought it was funny. I had such a great tme that night though it didn't even matter.

I have an idea of the style of dress I want for next year, but I haven't seen it in person yet. Any recommendations of some good dress shops or sites?

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Denim Down

Double denim - a trend we all love. I'm sure I'll be rocking it a lot this Fall, as denim shirts are my fave. I teamed up with photographer @theoptimistdreamer for this shoot at a laundromat in New Orleans.

These are my favorite pair of jeans - high waisted skinny from H&M

What's your favorite way to pair denim?

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Let's Get in Formation

One word: BEYONCE!

I had been waiting for this night for such a long time! I had never seen Beyonce perform live (sad, I know) and this was definitely on my bucket list. I finally got to see her in her New Orleans stop of her Formation World Tour, and it was everything I expected it to be. This show was special because New Orleans is where she filmed most of "Lemonade" and she had some footage of he Dome - the very place where the concert was held.

She is such an amazing performer and she puts on a great show. Everything from stage set up, lighting, COSTUMES and choreography is all so on point! I kept seeing a camera moving overhead, and later found out that she was recording for a new HBO special. I wonder if I'll see myself in it. Ha!

I went with all all black look for my concert outfit. I went back and forth with so many styles, but finally settled on a top knot for my hair - the most perfect one I've ever done, may I add.

 Jumper: TopShop
Belt: Apricot Lane
Chokers: eBay
Watch: Macy's

We had some great seats! Stage left - first row up from the floor.

Beyonce was absolutely amazing! She's such a joy to watch and I look forward to her next tour.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Razzle Dazzle

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE a good theme party! I'm known to be a little extra - but it's just because when I get the chance, my creativity runs wild. When I got the invitation in the mail about a Gatsby themed birthday party celebrating my cousin's 21st, I immediately got to work.

I picked up this dress about two years ago from Plato's Closet with no real intentions of ever wearing it except maybe for New Year's, but it came in handy. 
Fur scarf: eBay
Headband: DIY
Shoes: Steve Madden

I'm NOT big on makeup at all. So I completely surprised myself with how well this look came together. Maybe I'm better at it than I think. Ha!

Who doesn't love a photobooth?

Halloween is next up, just wait! I've already got about five dope ideas to make come alive!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Orlando Vacation

My family has a resort in Orlando and as a kid, we'd go every other year. As I got older, I started booking my own trips and venturing out to other places. This year, I felt like it was time to go back to basics and bring it back to Orlando.
We aren't too big on Disney parks, I love them, but we're more in to rides, so we do Universal Studios. I was so excited to go back and link up with my family members in Florida, it's always a big reunion when we're there, since none of us live in the same city anymore.

If anyone is planning on taking a trip to a city with amusement parks, I highly recommend going during a month when the kids are back in school (We went mid-September) and scheduling you theme park days during the week. This way, you can avoid large crowds and lines. We visited Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and we had literally had no lines, it was great!

Let me just say, I'm so beyond impressed with the Harry Potter World! It's so well done and well put together, even if you aren't a fan of the series.

I'd also recommend pre-purchasing your tickets online because they're cheaper than at the gate. Also, if you know anyone with a season pass, you're able to get discounts and free parking with them! Make sure you check the weather before buying, too. We waited until we got there to buy tickets because rain was in the forecast the whole week.

The parks also allow you to bring in food and drinks, so this is a good idea so you don't have to spend so much while inside. If you're planning and have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message, I'd be happy to offer my help.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Oh, Miami! Always one of my favorite places to visit. On this trip, we stayed at the beautiful 1 Hotel on South Beach. It was amazing and I highly recommend it! It has direct beach access as well as its own pools and stunning views. I visited during Swim Week again as I did last year. (Yes, another late post. Lol.)

Swimsuit: eBay
Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

Dress: MakeMeChic
Shoes: GoJane (old)

Swimsuit: eBay

You'll notice that I tag eBay frequently, it's honestly one of my favorite places to buy things because they have literally EVERYTHING! I always tell my ladies, if nothing else, shop for your swimsuits there! They have such a wide selection and offer much cheaper versions of some high quality suits that you may see elsewhere. I don't believe in paying more than you have to and I'm all about a great deal. The only thing is they typically come from other countries and run smaller than American sizes, so just make sure you check the sizing chart to ensure it fits.