Monday, January 19, 2015

How I Lost 10 Lbs in 7 Days!

Here's how I lost ten pounds in only a week

Since the end of 2014, I've been on a serious health kick, but once the new year came, I knew it was time to stop playing games. I came across a seven-day "eat your heart out diet" on Pinterest and saved it because it promised you would lose 10 pounds in a week. After reading the instructions, it seemed easy enough so I wanted to try it. I told one of my co-workers about it and she told me how she had done it before, but it was the Sacred Heart diet. Which basically is a diet created by doctors that heart patients who need to lose weight quickly before surgery have to do. This made me feel better that it was doctor recommended.

Here's what I saw when I first found out about it. You can save it to your phone for easy reference each day.

There's a few different variations of this, but it's all basically the same. This version only allows you to eat soup on the 7th day, but I read about another one that lets you eat all the soup you want everyday while sticking to each day's guidelines. The soup isn't good though, so you probably won't even want it that much.

Soup recipe I followed.
half head of cabbage
bell pepper
diced tomatoes
chicken broth

Saute all veggies in a pot with olive oil, add the diced tomatoes, chicken broth and cabbage. Cook on stove until the cabbage is tender. I didn't follow any measurements. I just made as much as I thought I would need. It's superrrr bland, but you'll get over it. 

Day 1:
Fruit only:
I love fruit, so I thought this would be easy. No. No, it was not. I ate an apple for breakfast and I was already over it. Once lunchtime came around I wanted ANYTHING but something sweet.
Breakfast: green apple
10 am: cantaloupe
Noon: at this point I was so beyond sleepy and dying for real food
Lunch: cantaloupe
Snack: orange
Dinner: soup
P.S. I HATE cantaloupe, all melons really, but it's crazy the things you grow to like on this diet. Melons are highly recommended for fruit days because of their high water content, they have the fewest calories.

Day 2:
Veggies only:
I knew this day would be difficult because what type of vegetable do you even eat for breakfast?

Breakfast: spinach
snack: sliced cucumbers
lunch: soup (a lot)
dinner: this part is the best part, you're allowed to have one potato this day (with only butter) I recommend saving it for dinner. When I tell you that was the best potato you will ever eat in your life. I am NOT kidding. I couldn't even bother with the butter, I ate it plain and it was amazing.

Oh yeah, drink LOTS of water, this also helps to fill you up. Plus it flushes out the toxins.

Day 3:
Fruits and veggies
This day is a mix of days 1 & 2, but sadly, no potato. This day comes super easy after the first two because once you've been limited to only fruits or only vegetables, having the option of both feels like a buffet, seriously.

Breakfast: cranberry, spinach smoothie

Snack: mango, pomegranate, kiwi fruit salad

late lunch: grilled spinach & zucchini

I actually worked out today, and I felt amazing, I ran on the treadmill which I never do and had so much energy. That's another plus to this, you'll FEEL so much better.

Day 4:
Bananas and milk
Ok, let me just start by saying I. Do. Not. Drink. MILK! Period. and i hate bananas. I was dreading this day before I even started because I knew it would be a struggle,
So I really had to get creative with this day. The instructions allow lowfat yogurt in place of the milk, thank God. However, I bought some almond milk to try to stick close to the plan. I read that if you freeze bananas, then put them in a blender, it makes ice cream. I was anxious to try this, so honestly, at the end of day 3, I was really looking forward to it. I also bought some greek yogurt.

Breakfast: frozen banana, almond milk smoothie
Lunch: banana "ice cream" - it was soooo good. I might actually eat it again in real life. O_o I told you the things you end up liking on this diet is loco.
Snack: frozen yogurt bananas - slice bananas, mix with Greek yogurt, then freeze individual slices.
dinner: soup

Day 5:
Fowl & tomato
Once again, more stuff I don't eat - chicken or tomato.
I used ground turkey and just mixed tomatoes with it to make sort of like a meat sauce. This day fell on a Saturday, and I'm glad because I didn't even wake up early enough to cook breakfast.

Lunch: lean ground turkey meatsauce
late lunch: roasted tomatoes
Dinner: ground turkey stuffed tomatoes - like how you would prepare a stuffed bell pepper

Day 6:
Fowl & veggies
I woke up early and HUNGRY!

Breakfast: ground turkey, spinach, kale salad - no dressing (season with garlic and onion)
Lunch: grilled turkey breast and grilled zucchini - I let the turkey breasts marinate in lemon juice, garlic and onion for a day in the fridge, then put in on the grill
Dinner: same as above ^

Day 7:
Soup day, brown rice, fruit juice, veggies
This day rice was my best friend. I ate plain brown rice for breakfast.
Snack: spinach salad
Lunch: the soup with rice
dinner: spinach salad

Is this diet difficult? Yes. Is it worth it? YES!
I encourage anyone who wants to lose weight to try it. You just really need a strong mental. The body can do anything, it's the mind you have to convince. I thought it would be difficult for me to be around people eating whatever, but it wasn't. Actually looking at food pictures online became my favorite past time. I swear I was living vicariously through those photos. Ha!

- Drink lots and lots of water
- Some recommend not working out on this diet, but I did and was fine. Just pace yourself and listen to your body if you feel weak.
- Plan out your meals ahead of time and pack up lunches the night before. This way it's easier for you to stick to the plan.
- Do NOT deviate from the plan. Just don't. It only works if you stick to it. It's only seven days, you can get through it.

If you plan on trying the diet out, go for it! Let me know, I want to see everyone's results and I'll be super encouraging :p Feel free to hit me up with any questions. @KaitlynMorris 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hair Mask Review

This post is a review for the argan oil hair mask and 100% organic argan oil products from InstaNatural. The hair mask contains ingredients including vitamin B5, coconut oil and shea butter.

I used the products together on my hair during a wash. I washed my hair in the shower and after shampooing and conditioning, I combed out all tangles and applied the hair mask to wet hair in combination with my conditioner as like a deep conditioning treatment. I left it all in for a few minutes then rinsed it out with cold water.

I have naturally curly hair, so it needs extra hydration. My curls were so defined and moisturized. After towel drying my hair, I used the pure argan oil as an added moisturizer and to make sure to reduce frizz. I set my hair on flexi rods and styled as normal once it was dry.

I use the pure argan oil as a daily moisturizer because it's lightweight and adds moisture without weighing my hair down or making it too greasy.

The products are available through Amazon.

Argan oil:

Hair mask:

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