Sunday, November 10, 2013

Would You Like a Tour?

Some of my friends from school were going to the Drake concert since we would be on fall break at the time. So at the last minute, I finally got my tickets (of course the only seats left were horrible), put together an outfit and joined Drake for a night.

Top: black tube top folded in half
Skirt: my mother's maxi & DIY split by me
Sandals: Burlington
Collar necklace: ebay
Lipstick: Cyber by MAC

Drake came through with Miguel, Future and Jhene Aiko for the New Orleans stop of his tour. Miguel opened the show with a few of his songs and electric dance moves reminiscent of a James Brown/Prince hybrid. Much to my surprise, Drake followed immediately after him leaving speculation to whether Future was there.

After performing a few songs, Drake left the stage, and Future performed some of his songs. When Drake returned after a wardrobe change, he gave us more of his upbeat songs. Drake showed so much love for New Orleans, crediting my city as the reason he has a career and shouting out Young Money/Cash Money. He even had a bounce remix of "Hold On We're Going Home." Birdman hit the stage and performed "Stay Fly," which had to be my favorite part of the night. Growing up in New Orleans, the Hot Boys and Big Tymers have always been a big deal for us.

Another one of my favorite parts was the DJ section where he played some of Drake's older songs from his mixtape days. It's always the best when you have a crowd filled with people who know more than just what's mainstream.

As I mentioned, my seats were way up high, but I stood in the front for the entire show and had an amazing view. I always manage to get to the front for concerts somehow. :) Apparently where I stood was right next to the backstage area because I saw Miguel, Drake's father and some of the OVO crew casually walking pass.

Jhene Aiko, who is absolutely beautiful came out to assist Drake in the breakdown of "Come Thru" before they performed their duet "From Time."

At one point, Drake gets onto a riser that allows him to walk over the audience and talk to everyone. He shouted out people from every section, even all the way at the top. After he came back down, as a special gift for New Orleans, he showed us the "Worst Behaviour" video. He pulled up a sofa on stage for him and his crew to watch with us as well. The video features Drake's father rapping along with the lyrics in the beginning before Drake takes over. Take a look at some of the parts I recorded.

By the way, if there are any hardcore Drake fans, I have more of the video recorded if you'd like to see.