Thursday, January 2, 2014

Checking In

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

So a lot has happened since my last post. Last time I posted, I had graduated college. Since then I've been sending out resumes and applying to lots of places. I must admit that I started to get frustrated and discourage by the lack of immediate response I was receiving. Although I had heard how long it typically takes to land a job in your field after graduation, I still wanted to find my job immediately. Right now my goal is to have a job by the time LSU students go back to school, since if I was still in school, I'd be on this break anyway.

In other news I GOT A CAR! :D It's my first car, and I bought it on my own. It feels amazing. The car buying process is stressful, overwhelming and way too much to deal with. I literally had no idea what I was doing so I'm so thankful I had family to help me. The car I initially was ready to buy got sold by another salesman and I was super annoyed. That just goes to show that it wasn't meant to be and when good things fall apart, it's always for something better to come together.

I have my first job interview for a big girl job tomorrow. This would be amazing if I get hired this quickly, so fingers are crossed. The job hunt is stressful, and if anyone else is in this position right now, don't give up! Keep searching and you will find something right for you.