Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Oh, Miami! Always one of my favorite places to visit. On this trip, we stayed at the beautiful 1 Hotel on South Beach. It was amazing and I highly recommend it! It has direct beach access as well as its own pools and stunning views. I visited during Swim Week again as I did last year. (Yes, another late post. Lol.)

Swimsuit: eBay
Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

Dress: MakeMeChic
Shoes: GoJane (old)

Swimsuit: eBay

You'll notice that I tag eBay frequently, it's honestly one of my favorite places to buy things because they have literally EVERYTHING! I always tell my ladies, if nothing else, shop for your swimsuits there! They have such a wide selection and offer much cheaper versions of some high quality suits that you may see elsewhere. I don't believe in paying more than you have to and I'm all about a great deal. The only thing is they typically come from other countries and run smaller than American sizes, so just make sure you check the sizing chart to ensure it fits.

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