Friday, August 9, 2013

Why, Hello There

     It's high time for me to create my own blog and stick to it for personal use where I post on a regular basis.
So here I am! :) 

Kaitlyn Morris
   <-- That's me. Hi! I'd rather live on vacation. I need a six month vaca twice a year, so I think we'll go with this photo for my intro.
     I'm from New Orleans - born and raised, but California dreamin'. I'm starting my senior year of college at LSU in the Fall and graduating in December, so I'm almost done. I major in Mass Communication - Public Relations with a minor in Spanish. I have great interests in music, pop culture, beauty trends and fashion, so this blog will cover a little bit of everything.
     I've interned with The WearHouse District, so you can check out some of my blogs there as well. I'm trying to get all of my online profiles really going because I feel like I should be heavy into blogging since I'm in this field.
     Anyway, enough about that, just had to give a little intro before I dive into posting.


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